Bobo – Sébastien Tricoire

March 27th 1984 – 32 y/o – Engineer (ICAM Toulouse) – French (Toulouse)

Unable to stay somewhere for longer than few years, Sébastien has worked and live all around the world: from Tokyo to Montreal via Madrid and Hamburg, he also managed on his free time on fullfilling his need for adventure: Transiberrian, expedition to first Everest base camp in Tibet,  Eimeichan holy mountain,  biking trail in Japan, jungle raids in Yunnan, safaris in South-Africa, he can’t rest until …until … well even him doesn’t know …

Not as sportive as his fellow boatmate, he is however a marathon & triathlon finisher, has been a rugby forward coach and is now focusing mainly on sailing as part of few crews and  is racing on J80 and Duffour 40. 

In the mean time, while waiting for the departure, he is working as a senior manager in a German consulting firm contributing setting up the Parisian office.


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